It’s almost here – Countdown 2007

13 Nov It’s almost here – Countdown 2007

One of the most fun wine events is fast upon us – the release of the 2007 Beaujolais Nouveau. According to that all-knowing source Wikipedia:

Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for just a few weeks then officially released for sale on the third Thursday of November.


But it’s not just France that makes this wine. Other wine regions also have a wine made in the Beaujolais-style, including Israel. Well, this Thursday is the official release of the Israeli beaujolais Gamay wines, so the countdown is almost here.


Countdown? What am I talking about? Well, that’s the theme of the Golan Heights Winery’s latest release. See this Hebrew article for more, but the new bottle and design theme for the 2007 Golan Gamay will be “Countdown” with different collectable bottles having different countdowns. The Golan Gamay Nouveau 2007, the first red wine from the 2007 vintage, will begin to be released on 14 November at the Beaujolais Celebration “Chagigat HaBeaujolais


But, more seriously, below is Rogov’s notes for this fun wine:

Golan Heights Winery, Gamay Nouveau, 2007: Made, as are the wines of Beaujolais, entirely from Gamay grapes, half of which underwent carbonic maceration and half fermented by more traditional methods, this super-young wine offers up a generous dose of raspberry and grapey aromas and flavors. In color black cherries towards dark purple, light, round, super-fruity and fun. Although the winery advises serving the wine at 13-16 degrees Celsius, my own advice would be to serve it at 10 – 12 degrees and, if on a hot day and if you’re in a frivolous mood, with a few ice cubes tossed in. A true party wine. NIS 36. Score 85. (Tasted 7 Nov 2007)

There are other Israeli young wines, including the Benyamina BB, and Junior by Tishbi, and two versions of Carmel’s Young Selected. I will have more on those as it comes available.

Some are complaining about the environmental implications of this event, as the wines need to be flown instead of shipped to get to your glasses in time. According to one report, Lufthansa is transporting more than 1,000 tons of French Beaujolais this year. But, perhaps due to marketing reasons or perhaps environmental concerns, (I vote the former) the Israeli Golan Gamay will only be available in Israel. Another excuse to come here – enjoy the wines not yet available in Europe or North America! However, I believe the Tishbi, Carmel, and Binyamina may be available in limited quantities abroad.

Celebrations for this event are being held all over the world, including in Israel. If you’re here, stop by some of these release parties for the Beaujolais nouveau.

Below are the list of some of the best public events in Israel. Unfortunately, I have prior dinner plans when the Jerusalem release comes out, but if anyone comes, I expect a blog post and photos!

The Scottish Company, Rehov haTarucha 23, Tel Aviv (NIS 25)
Wine and More, Carlibach 25, Tel Aviv and Sokolov 61 in Hod HaSharon;
Nicola Hinawe, Rehov Yefet 176 Jaffa
Derekh HaYain at the Tel Aviv and Savion branches at. on the 14th and at the Nes Tziona and Moda’in branches at 20:00 on the 15th
Wine Hall, Shlomtzion 4, Jerusalem on the 15th from 19:00 (NIS 25)
Special Reserve, Sderot HaNasi 109, Haifa
Beit HaYain vey Ha Tabac, Sacharov 17, Rishon LeTzion


Other places hosting celebrations for the Golan Gamay Nouveau 2007 can be found on GHW’s website.


What do you think of this wine and would you drink an Israeli boujeleais?

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