Gary Vaynerchuk tastes three Israeli wines

07 Mar Gary Vaynerchuk tastes three Israeli wines

I’ve never had the Segal (I’m scared away from them because of their low-end stuff), but will be looking out for this wine shortly due to Gary V’s review. I strongly enjoy the Yiron myself, and just picked up the Yiron-Syrah last week (a different wine) but yet to open. Carmel still has to get past their history and make more serious wines, but some of the Single Vineyard is pretty good, but they still have to improve, I admit.

I strongly strongly wish that Gary V would have titled the tasting “Three Israeli wines” instead of focusing on the fact that these great wines happen to be kosher and de-emphasized the “kosher” label but it was great to see him address and debunk the misconceptions and the myths surrounding both Israeli and kosher wines (which are, of course, NOT the same label)

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