Kosher is still not a country

07 Jul Kosher is still not a country

Richard Shaffer of Israeli Wine Direct has an absolutely excellent video post about how “kosher is not a country” and how many of the everyday foods that are in your refrigerator, pantry, and throughout your house may be kosher – no matter your religion. Coca Cola, Cheerios, Heinz ketchup, fruits and vegetables and many more everyday products are all kosher.

Yet, as we all know, there is still a stigma with kosher wine. People even search online for “Jewish wine” yet there is NO difference in the actual winemaking process between kosher grape wine and “non-kosher” wine.

I’ve said enough about kosher and wine but, before you leave this blog (and hopefully buy some online kosher wine and great non-kosher wine at Israeli Wine Direct, if you’re in the US), check out this video:

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