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13 Dec Tzuba Winery

One of my new favorite Israeli wineries comes from a kibbutz not far from Jerusalem. Tzuba Winery is based at Tzuba MetsudaKibbutz Tzuba in the Judean Hills. It’s first release was only from the 2005 vintage. While that vintage was quite enjoyable, this year’s releases (of the 2006 and 2007 vintages) are absolutely amazing and a great price.

Tzuba Winery and KibbutzOnly available in Israel, Tzuba is just another hidden gem of unique and excellent wines only available to visitors in Israel. My favorite wine is the 2006 Tel Tzuba Sangiovese, a blend of 85% Sangiovese and 15% Nebbiolo grapes. Yes, those are Italian grapes but that makes sense since Israel is in the same Mediterranean region. Italy is closer to Israel than New York is to Florida, for example. Incidentally, for my Christian readers, reports are that a cave found on Kibbutz Tzuba was used by John the Baptist (Luke 1:80). I bet he enjoyed the great wine from Kibbutz Tzuba!

Tzuba’s winemaker Paul Dubb is from South Africa, and is all the winery’s grapes come from the kibbutz’s own vineyards.

  • I like the packaging!

    What’s the price of this wine, and others from them?


  • And this year’s vintage was most likely contributed to by my offspring and his friends. It will be excellent. đŸ™‚

  • jeanne

    I tasted tzuba wines that were offered in NYC on February 1, 2010. a representative at the time indicated that you supply grapes to Domaine du Castel. Is this true?

  • eaiton

    tzuba wines are available in the US imported by Royal and Kedem

  • eaiton

    jeanne our vineyard supplies grapes to Domaine du Castel as well as 10 other wineries (one of our customers has a well known winery in the golan) the vast majority of israeli wineries do not own their own vineyard and need to purchase grapes on the open market; tzuba is one of a few estate wineries in israel

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