Beersheva Wine Festival

16 Aug Beersheva Wine Festival

Good wine isn’t just in the center or Jerusalem. It’s also coming to Beersheva, with the fifth annual wine festival to be held on September 14-15.

Here is the details from Daniel Rogov’s forum:

The 5th Annual Beer Sheva wine festival is scheduled to take place on Wednesday and Thursday, 14 and 15 September. Among the wineries scheduled to take part: Carmel, Bakan, Segal, Golan Heights Winery, Galil Mountain, Tzion, Teperberg, Lavie, Binyamina, Tishbi, Shiloh, Rota, Cfir, Netiv HaYain, Assif, Yaffo, Kahanov, Yaffo, Tsfat HaAttika, Tisbi, Saslove.

The festival will take place at the Negev Museum, both indoors and out. Also to be shown, chocolates, cheeses, baked goods ….

The festival will open each night at 18:30. Admission, including a tasting glass will be NIS 50 each. In general, a quite civil and civilized event, well worth attending for those in the region.

  • Wahooo…. Wine festival. Really interesting and entertaining though I much like it. I must participate the 5th Annual Beer Sheva wine festival. Thanks! 

  • Alhanyildiz

    The structure was built in 1906 from Ottoman empire, next to the grand mosque.
    You should more respect, we (Turks) also respect your religion and religious sites.
    And thanks for change venue

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