Daniel Rogov, z”l

08 Sep Daniel Rogov, z”l

The following is also from wines-israel, reprinted with permission

Food & wine writer and critic, Daniel Rogov, passed away on the morning of September 7th 2011 at his home in Tel Aviv. We send our sincere condolences to his wife in Israel and family in the United States.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, David Joroff discovered his love for wine and food when visiting Europe and particularly during lengthy stays in Switzerland and France. However he was better known by the name he used professionally, Daniel Rogov.

In 1976 he made aliyah to Israel. It was an important year for Israeli wine. His arrival coincided with the vintage of the legendary Carmel Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve 1976 and it was also the important year that vineyards were first planted on the Golan Heights. The Carmel wine was arguably Israel’s first quality wine, to be aged in small oak barrels. The new high altitude vineyards on the Golan, was the first step in the technical revolution in Israeli wine which was
led by the pioneering Golan Heights Winery. And Rogov, himself, was to become the biggest name on the Israeli wine scene.

In 1982 he began to write on food and wine in Israel. He started with the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s most famous English language newspaper, and later moved to Haaretz, the quality newspaper of Israel. Gradually he developed from being a writer on the color and culture of the local culinary scene, into being a restaurant and wine critic demanding new, high standards of quality. In time, he gradually became more and more a ‘wine & food critic’, as his wine work gradually took

He brought the 100 point scoring system to Israel, copying the Wine Spectator and Robert Parker, and became Israel’s only full time wine & food critic. He started a wine and culinary forum, well before blogging became commonplace and his wine forum in particular had a following from all over the world.

In 2000 he began to contribute to Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book and in 2003 he started to write the Israel section for Tom Stevenson’s Wine Report. He wrote a few books on gastronomy, but will be best remembered for his Rogov’s Guide To Israeli Wines and Rogov’s Guide to World Kosher Wines, which became the standard guides for both Israeli and Kosher wines worldwide.

The books were on the shelves of major book stores throughout the English speaking world, advancing the Israel wine brand to places they had not been to before.

In Israel he created new standards for wineries to reach and then generously supported them with high scores. Abroad, he became an ambassador for the Israeli brand bringing to Israeli wine revolution to a larger more international audience. He was a gregarious, warm personality who loved a chat, and with an audience, he was never short of a story. He was a raconteur par excellence.

In the late summer of 2011 he first became ill but stoically continued to write and communicate with his forum. On a memorable evening one week before his death, Rogov was feted by the wine industry at large at a special testimonial evening. Winery personalities Adam Montefiore and Victor Schoenfeld, wine writers Tal Gal Cohen and and Eldad Levy, TV personality Meni Peer, and Chef Eyal Shani and Shalom Maharovsky from the culinary world, all gathered to give personal tributes.

On the early morning of September 7th, he wrote his own farewell to his forum members, which ended: “As to the future, remember me if you can. As I have enjoyed you, I hope you have enjoyed me as well. Overall, it was a good life.”

Daniel Rogov, z”l. May Your Memory Be A Blessing.

  • L. E. Yahoo

    Baruch Dayan Ha’emet. Very sad to hear, he will certainly be missed. His contribution to the Israeli wine scene will live on thanks to all of his hard work and contributions

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