More Great Israeli Wines Make it to the US

22 Sep More Great Israeli Wines Make it to the US

Keeping up with the Jones is tough.  Keeping up with the Mondavi’s is even harder.  Cabernets, Merlots, and even Zinfandels from California to France keep getting top headlines and top scores.  With the Israeli wine scene growing by the day, coming up with the right taste for an ever evolving pallet is the biggest challenge any winery has. So what’s an up and coming winery to do?  Blend, blend, and blend some more.

Two such wineries, Agur and Tulip, have trialed and erred their way to creative prowess.  Agur Rosa combines Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes using the Sur Lie method to produce a beautiful rose that while fruity and light is dry to the pallet.  It takes the concept of rose to a completely new category.  Their combination of Vigonier and Johannesburg Riesling make the Blanca, one of the crispest and refreshing new white wines to come out in years.

The story of Tulip Winery begins in 2003, when the Yitzchaki family began their winemaking with a vision.  Based in Kfar Tikva – Village of Hope – Roy and Yitzchak Yitzchaki make their wine with a purpose.  Hiring workers from Kfar Tikva – a special needs community – Tulip winery had some hard decisions to make when going kosher.  In the end they were able to keep their devoted workers and go kosher without any compromise of quality.  Their first production of kosher, the 2010 Tulip White, a Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc blend, was such a hit, it has been a high demand around the globe.

So now that they’ve come up with a new breed of wine, it’s time to let the world know.  Who do you choose to tell the world about yourself?  Sometimes a fresh face can make all the difference.  Enter Premier Wine Imports (, a new importer of boutique style Israeli wines that gears to promoting the specialty and uniqueness of the Israeli wine and terroir.

As co-owner Adar Ben-Lapid says “spreading the word will be easy once someone takes a sip.  Israeli boutique wineries have so much to offer and yet have a hard time getting the public at large to stand up take notice…  That’s where we come in”.  Available across the United States, these Israeli boutique wineries have taken a huge first step to putting themselves on the map with the rest of the wine world.

If you are interested in purchasing Agur or Tulip in the United States, or stocking it in your shop or restaurant, contact Adar Ben-Lapid at Tell ’em HaKerem sent you!

  • Steve

    Two of my favorites.  Shuki Yashuv is a great guy making great wines.  His kesem blend is superb, and his blanca spectacular.  great wines for the holidays.  Tulip also has been getting it right for a long time, and their new status as a kosher wine should improve their marketability in the US.  Tulip white is outstanding, and I’m looking forward to the Mostly Shiraz 2010 when it launches.  These wineries are why my North American cellar is 90 percent Israeli wines.

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