New: Wine Route of Israel

Wine Route of Israel

12 Sep New: Wine Route of Israel

The fourth edition of the book ‘The Wine Route of Israel’ has just been published. The last edition was published as long ago as nearly four years ago, so the content has been updated to reflect what has happened since then. The new edition has the same attractive vine leaf design in green, as before. It may be identified by the small barrel in the top right hand corner of the front cover, with the words ‘Revised & Updated’ underneath it.

The book was edited by Eliezer Sacks, the introductory essays were written by Adam Montefiore and the concept was initiated by Yaron Goldfisher. Other contributors are Peter Stern, Dr. Peter Hallgarten, Dr. Arkadi Papikian, Michal Dayagi-Mendels and Prof. Amos Hadas. The book is published by the Cordinata Publishing House, already responsible for previous editions. Cordinata has also published the Hebrew version, ‘Shvill Ha’Yayin’ and smaller books ‘Wines of Israel’, and ‘Yayin Israeli’.

Wine Route of IsraelThis latest edition contains a new section on ‘Enjoying Israeli Wine’. This outlines where to buy Israeli wines and where to read about Israeli wines. It provides information of where to study, taste or visit to enjoy Israeli wines. It includes details of the main wine shops, wine schools, wine festivals and competitions.

The article on the history of Israeli wine, (entitled ‘Wines of Israel’), which runs from the time of Noah until the present day, has been updated. This and the article ‘Wine in Antiquity’ are two of the most comprehensive and informative essays to be found anywhere covering the history and ancient history of Israeli wine.

Statistics on Israeli wine, not published elsewhere, and lists outlining the main international recognition of Israeli wines, have also been refreshed and updated.

There is also an interesting new article on the ‘Roots of Wine in the Old City of Jerusalem.’

Quite apart from everything else, the winery entries have been updated and new wineries such as 1848, Bar Maor, Maia, Montefiore, Ortal and Zimbalista are featured, and there are others that also appear for the first time.

The Wine Route of Israel has been dedicated to those two irreplaceable wine personalities, Daniel Rogov and Meni Peer, who left such a mark on the Israeli wine industry. They are both sadly missed.

The book is the perfect gift, being a coffee table book with many beautiful photographs. It is also a valuable and unique source of information about the wines and wineries of Israel.  Quite apart from this, it is an essential guide book for anyone planning visits to wineries.

The Wine Route of Israel will be sold in the main bookshop chains like Steimatzky and Tzomet Sefarim. It will be available at Ben Gurion Airport, and also in winery shops and visitors centers. The book retails for 149 ILS. However for readers of this blog, there is a special promotional price of 100ILS including postage, for those ordering from within Israel. This special offer will be in effect to the end of Succot. To receive a copy at this launch price, please place your order at:


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