Wine, Chocolate, and More

02 Oct Wine, Chocolate, and More


The Tishbi family started in wine in Israel as farmers growing grapes for the Carmel collective in 1882. Celebrating its 30th vintage this year, the Tishbi winery makes over a million bottles of wine a year and has a loyal following both in Israel and overseas. But Tishbi isn’t just about wine: The visitor’s center includes a fine dining restaurant with an Austrian Master Chef, Friday barbecues with meat slow-cooked in Ole Hickory wood burning ovens from Missouri, an artisanal bakery, and an incredibly popular gourmet chocolate and wine tasting center.

Host David Rhodes sat down with the spokesman of the fifth generation of the family, the winery’s chief winemaker, Golan Tishbi. Golan shares some of his proudest achievements as a winemaker, why he’s so passionate about chocolate, and what steps he and his father Jonathan plan to take on Tishbi’s path to gastronomic bliss. Golan may be a man of grand visions and fine tastes, but find out why he’s still a farmer’s boy at heart.


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