Startup Israel: Jezreel Valley is the Waze, Wix of wine

28 Dec Startup Israel: Jezreel Valley is the Waze, Wix of wine

The Two Warm Challahs blog recently highlighted one of my favorite wineries, Jezreel Valley, as the Start Up Nation of wine.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with extensive high tech experience as well as globally-trained vintners, this rings true.

Notes the blog:

Both Ner-David and Nahar have a background in entrepreneurship. Nahar is a VoIP entrepreneur and Ner-David is the founder of Delta Three. They’ve run Jezreel like a startup since day one, raising venture capital funds to push the fledgling winery to the level of a much-older facility.

They continue

“What we are trying to do – and doing – is to create Israeli wines that stand out against wines from the best regions in the world,” says Ner-David. “We want wine connoisseurs to know there is something gold in Israel.”

Ner-David reminds that when Israeli high-tech startups first emerged, they tried to hide that their innovation was coming out of the holy land for fear of anti-Semitism or the first versions of boycott, divestment and sanctions. Yet there was a tipping point, where these companies realized the reputation of Israeli technology was so good that “Made in Israel” became a selling point. Think Waze, Wix, StoreDot, Moovit or hundreds of others.

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