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Beer 2013 in Tel Aviv January 8th & 9th at Nokia Stadium

There’s a saying among winemakers, “it takes a lot of beer to make wine.”  The point being that whether its toiling in the vineyards or moving barrels, pumps and cases of bottles at the winery, it’s easy to break a sweat making wine and a mug of ice cold brew sometimes is more in order […]

First Internationally Recognized Wine Classes Start in Israel

[Press Release] A great opportunity for those who want to learn more about wine is coming to Israel in October. The International Sommelier Guild will be starting classes in Tel Aviv at the Bin 281 Wine Shop and Bar at 281 Dizengoff Street at the intersection of Ben Yehuda. The first course, Wine Appreciation 1, […]

Netanyahu Receives Carmel Wine

Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, received a nice surprise when he recently visited the Windmill at Mishkenot Shaananim & Yemin Moshe in Jerusalem. He was presented with a bottle of Carmel Limited Edition 2007 in a special gift box, by Adam Montefiore of Carmel Winery. The Mayor of Jerusalem and Ambassador of […]

Festival Favorites from Jerusalem

             The Jerusalem Wine Festival is the largest and most widely attended wine festival in Israel with tens of thousands attending over four nights. Traditionally, and now it’s in its 9th year, the festival is held at Jerusalem’s revered Israel Museum during the week of Tu Ba’av , which is both Jewish “Valentine’s […]

Carmel & Golan Lead in Eshkol HaZahav

The Eshkol Hazahav wine tasting competition, has taken place for the tenth consecutive year. The Gala Dinner was held at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv. The number of wines taking part were 282, from 63 wineries. The tastings, which took place over four days. The tastings were done by a group of selected […]

Eshkol HaZahav 2012

The tenth year of Eshkol Hazahav! This is Israel’s main wine tasting competition which is held annually. Eshkol Hazahav, which translates as ‘The Golden Cluster’, has become a fixture in the Israeli wine calendar. It is regarded locally as the Oscars of Israeli wine. After four days of tastings by carefully chosen wine professionals, the […]

Ra’anana Wine Festival

The Ra’anana Wine Festival takes place tomorrow (Wednesday June 27) and Thursday June 28 at Lev HaPark (near the pond area). Admission is 55 NIS for Ra’anana residents with valid ID and 60 NIS for non-residents. Participating wineries include: Arza Barkan Segal Teperberg Hacerem Yaffo Or Ganuz Kinur David Lavie Zfat Dror Sasi Gat Shomron […]

Reflections from the Wine Pond

The 2012 Eshchol HaZahav or the Golden Cluster Awards were just held in Tel Aviv at the Dan Panorama Hotel.  It’s the only wine competition that judges only Israeli wines and wines from all price categories.  Yet, wine competitions are a curious phenomenon in the wine industry.  For the public, it’s an opportunity to learn […]

More Proof That Wine is Good For Your Heart

    When you work at a winery, you soon find out there’s no shortage of people who want your wine for free. Winemakers tend to be generous souls, from my experience, but there’s a limit to how many wine writers, dignitaries and charities you can bestow with samples or bottles for a charity gala and still […]

Haifa Wine Festival

Where: Haifa’s Rappaport Audiotorium’s Gardens on Mt. Carmel When: May 22,23 & 24 6 to 11PM 50 NIS for the public One of the best festivals to attend ..20 plus wineries with some who don’t venture too south and lectures and presentations and releases from the wineries each evening in adjacent private rooms…Andre Suidan is the […]

Easter Wine Tour

When I moved to California from Massachusetts, I missed the embedded and concentrated layers of culture and history that New England had to offer over the American Southwest. Yet when moving to Israel, those hundreds of years of New England culture were overshadowed by thousands of years of civilizations that can be overwhelming to a […]

VIP Wine Tasting and Gallery Opening Reception in Ra’anana, Israel

Sunday April 1st (No Fooling!!!) 7 PM to 8PM wine tasting and art gallery opening at Brill’s New Judaica Art Gallery Rechov Ahuza 111 50 NIS (FREE with purchase of any wine bottle) featuring the newly kosher wine of the Saslove Winery (at discounted prices for Pesach) 2010 was their first kosher vintage and five red […]