HaKerem: Israeli Wine

08 Dec Israel’s Wines of Celebration

Sparkling wine is the wine of fashion and celebration. Whether on New Year’s Eve or at a wedding, it remains the classic wine to make a toast with. It is also symbol of success and happiness. Though it is a style of wine that has...

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07 Dec More Photos from Sommolier

I've written about Sommolier 2009, Israel's biggest wine festival, here and here. Here are more photos from the event. If you have more please leave the link in the comments or e-mail info@israeli-wine.org [gallery link="file" columns="2"]...

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30 Nov What is Kiddush Wine?

Wherever Jews have resided, there has always been home based wineries making wine for the Kiddush sanctification of the Sabbath. For the required blessing, grape beverages are necessary. Apart from a regular wine, either raisin wine or even grape juice is also suitable according to...

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