HaKerem: Israeli Wine

27 Jan Sommelier 2015

Sommelier 2015 has come and gone. Held yesterday and today, wineries from around the world poured hundreds of wines to members of the food and beverage industry, including top wine journalists and critics from Germany, France, India, the Netherlands, and Poland.   One of the benefits of...

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24 Jan Sommelier 2015

Sommelier is Israel's most professional wine festival. Not intended for hobbiests or people looking to get drunk but rather intended for true oenophiles, members of the industry such as restaurant buyers and wine shops as well as sommoliers, wine waiters, bar managers, buyers, etc. Sommelier will...

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18 May Small Wineries Rule At Eshkol Ha’Zahav

At the awards ceremony for the 2014 Eshkol Ha’Zahav wine tasting competition, there were a number of surprises. This year it was the smaller, newish, lesser known wineries that drew attention by winning some of the main prizes. Wineries such as Jezreel Valley, Kishor, Kerem...

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