HaKerem: Israeli Wine

11 Nov New opportunities

As a follow up to Friday’s post about how Shabbat provides an excellent opportunity for all – Jew, non Jew, religious, non-religious – to experience new wines and explore one’s personal tastes, I mentioned that I was serving the Galil Mountain 2006 Merlot. Just to...

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09 Nov The kosher opportunity

For many years kosher and Israeli wine (which were essentially equivalent until the past 1-2 decades, as Israeli wine was all kosher until the boutique revolution of the 1990s) had a justifiably bad name as sweet, sickly drink more suited for cost syrup but was...

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08 Nov A drink of culture

Last week, I had the immense pleasure of traveling to Tel Aviv (I admit, a rare occurrence!) to attend the book launch of Daniel Rogov’s 2008 Guide to Israeli Wines, the premier rating book of Israel’s top (and not-so-top) wineries. Only in the past 20-or-so...

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