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The Kosher Wine Making Revolution in Israel

The following article was written by David Rhodes. for Viewpoint Magazine, for the Young Israel movement and National Council of Young Israel Magazine. Download the PDF, Viewpoint-WineMakingIsrael

Israeli Harvest: An Early Report: “So Far, So Good…”

…says winemaker Golan Tishbi. “It’s a lot better than last year.” as he tends to his family’s estate vines in Zichron Ya’acov and who harvests grapes from all over Israel to produce about 1 million bottles every year at Israel’s 6th largest winery.  The Tishbi Winery has already harvested several kinds of grape varietals from […]

Carmel Winery Introduces New Labels for Single Vineyard Series

Carmel Winery’s quality reputation continues. As it continues to get higher and higher rated wines, increasing in quality, one of Israel’s largest wineries are also making branding changes. Marketing and wine branding are close to my heart, as my background is in international marketing and communications, so I was thrilled to see that Carmel Winery […]

Zichron Ya’acov – 130 Years On

The following article is from and reprinted with permission. In December 2011, Zichron Ya’acov enters its 130th year. It was way back in December 1882, that settlers from Romania, first arrived in Givat Zamarin to put up their first tents and then houses. It was 130 years ago that they took their first tentative […]

Wine & Gourmet: Montefiore Returns to London Big Time

Israel’s Wine and Gourmet magazine recently published an article by Israeli wine writer and TV personality Meni Peer about Adam Montefiore, Carmel Winery’s Wine Development Directory and the ‘Ambassador of Israeli Wines.’ This is a translation of that article (reprinted with permission): Montefiore Returns To London Big Time by Meni Peer When Adam Montefiore of […]

The Israeli Wines that Made History

The following is a guest post from wines-israel and reprinted with permission Many Israeli wineries win awards, many win gold medals. There are even wineries which ‘collect’ awards, sending wines to any competition where medals are generously given. This is because to the general consumer, a gold medal looks the same whether it is a […]

Carmel Winery wins Prestigious Decanter World Wine Award – Carmel Kayumi Shiraz

Congratulations to Carmel Winery and winemaker Lior Laxter, and the whole team for Carmel Winery’s recent win at the Decanter World Wine Awards! As Decanter described it: Carmel Winery in Upper Galilee has beaten some of the world’s most renowned producers of Syrah and Shiraz at the Decanter World Wine Awards. The Galilean winery last […]

Wine harvest festivals fall flat … in 1954

This article is from Ha’aretz by Lital Levin: Israel awaited the celebration of the 1954 wine harvest festival with high expectations. Such a festival is a new-old one for Jews. As one of its promoters told Haaretz: “In the Bible and our literature in general, a lot of space is dedicated to wine. Noah was the […]

Four Rothschilds, Wine & The State of Israel

(The following article is reprinted from wines-israel and reprinted with permission) Talk about the Rothschilds and you will automatically think of finance, the arts and philanthropy. However scratch below the surface and wine, the Jewish community and Israel comes to the fore as an ongoing thread through the family story. Their influence in the building […]

Decanter Picks Carmel Petit Sirah as Wine of the Month

Carmel Winery’s Appellation Petite Sirah 2006 has been selected by Decanter Wine Magazine as Wine of the Month in their July 2010 issue. This is the first time since the 1990’s that an Israeli wine has received this prestigious award. Decanter is one of the world’s most famous wine magazines with their contributors being a […]

First Performance of Carmel Symphony To Celebrate 120 Years

Carmel Winery is celebrating its 120th year of harvests. The first harvest to be received by Rishon Le Zion Wine Cellars was on August 3rd 1890. Soon the 2010 harvest will begin, which will be the 120th by Israel’s most historic winery. To celebrate this, a special Symphony has been composed by Gil Shohat. The […]

Adam Montefiore in the Huffington Post

I’ve previously written about Adam Montefiore, currently a manager at Carmel Winery. The dean of Israeli wine marketing (a topic close to my heart) and someone I’m privileged to have met and call an associate and friend, Montefiore is also known by his moniker ‘The Ambassador of Israeli Wine’ – a title well deserved. As one of […]