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Wine Advocate’s Israel Tasting

Since 2007, there have been annual tastings of Israeli wines by the Wine Advocate, the mouthpiece of Robert Parker, the world’s most influential wine critic. Mark Squires, who is the specialist on Israeli wines in Parker’s wine tasting team, did the tasting as usual. There were 80 wines from 21 different wineries. The highest scores […]

Recanati in Wine Advocate

Recanati Winery has gained some excellent scores in the Wine Advocate, the newsletter owned by Robert Parker. Robert Parker is the world’s most famous wine critic. Mark Squires, a specialist in Israeli wines and part of Parker’s team, did the tasting. Three of their wines scored 90 points or more. One scored 91 points, the […]

From Rothschild to Parker

(The following article was written by Adam Montefiore for TASTED magazine and is reprinted with permission from Israel is a ‘new world’ wine country, in one of the oldest wine regions on earth. In this Biblical land, one can find a curious combination of the new, old and ancient world of winemaking in a […]

Israeli Wines in the Wine Advocate

The Wine Advocate, owned by Robert Parker, the world’s most famous & influential wine critic, has again tasted wines from Israel. This is encouraging because Israel now seems to appear at least once a year in a formal tasting. It was not so long ago that Israel was off the Parker radar. However today that […]

Israel’s World Class Dessert Wines

Unfortunately most Israelis associate sweet wines with Kiddush and religious ritual, and therefore the very word ‘sweet’ has connotations of a cheap and nasty wine. Something which is to be avoided, at all costs. However some of the world’s most sought after and expensive wines are sweet, pudding wines. An Eiswein or Trockenbeerenauslese from Germany, […]

Mark Squires Tastes Israeli Wine in the Wine Advocate

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has a new tasting of Israeli boutique and garagiste wineries by Mark Squires (who authored the first two reviews of Israeli wine in the Wine Advocate). While Squires’s first review was widely received with several wineries receiving scores of 90 or above and the rest receiving scores in the 80s, today’s […]

Reuters: Israeli wine flows onto international shelves

Israeli wine flows onto international shelves The following is from the Reuters wire service. Read the full article at Reuters JERUSALEM (Reuters Life!) – Israeli wine has long stirred up associations with the syrupy libations of religious rituals, but modern techniques imported from top winemaking nations are now helping it find space on shelves from […]

Scoop: Wine Advocate re-tastes Israeli wine

SCOOP: The latest issue of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has a new tasting of Israeli wines by Mark Squires. This is important because it means that the Wine Advocate is paying continued attention to Israeli wine. As I said, the secret’s out. Israeli wine is good and not just for kosher-keepers. Here are Squire’s scores […]

Why Israeli Wine is World Class (My Philosophy on What is Good Wine)

Israeli wine is world class. Yes, we’ve heard this recently from the likes of Robert Parker, Mark Squires, Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Spectator, Decanter, and other wine critics and trade publications. But I think they’ve all got it a bit wrong. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with their scores and I’ll take the 93 […]

Wine Advocate tastes Israeli wines … again

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has a new Internet-only feature on Israeli wine. This article by Mark Squires has reviews, tasting notes, and some of the Wine Advocate’s thoughts on Israeli wine. I will have more on this topic later, once I go through the tasting notes, but if you are a subscriber check it out […]

Robert Parker writes about Israeli wines in Business Week

Robert Parker talks about Israeli wine in his Business Week column, with rankings for Castel, Yatir, Carmel’s Limited Edition. Here is the link. It’s great to see Israeli wines begin to get the recognition that they deserve. Wine Spectator also recently featured an article about Tulip Winery.

Mark Squires on Israeli wine

Richard, a nice American blogger who also shows the love to Israeli wine, interviewed Mark Squires on his blog Israel Wine Direct (the only other Israeli wine blog, but missing out on a ton since Richard’s in America – but he’s scheduled to bring great Israeli wine to American direct consumers). The interview is worth […]