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David Rhodes’s “Favorite, Best or Most Interesting Wines” of the Israwinexpo 2012

This is a shortened list from a longer article for those who like lists rather than reading explanations. Some wines I consider the best of the expo, some sentimental favorites and some just intellectually stimulating and worth mentioning as being illustrative of emerging trends. A few special wines were all of the above 2009 Tishbi […]

Chef Alon Gonen

The following is reprinted from ESRA Magazine with permission of the author Chef Alon Gonen – Zilum Meshaker : Alcohol Events Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with Chef Alon Gonen in his Tel Aviv house. We talked about food and wine over some local Israeli cheeses and what he let me pick from […]

Vitkin Winery

David Rhodes discusses Vitkin Winery on Rusty Mike Radio, click here to hear David Rhodes’s Israeli Wine Show on Vitkin

Petite Sirah? Yes, Sirrah!

(The following is a guest post from Irene Sharon Hodes, reprinted with permission) I had the opportunity to taste a wine that is new to me, Vitkin’s 2006 Petite Sirah. A friend brought the bottle to the vegan dinner party I hosted last Friday (an exceptional experience I really need to get on to blog about).  She […]

Israwinexpo 2010 Tel Aviv

Israwinexpo is coming back! This biennial professional Israeli wine event first occurred in 2006, then again in 2008, and is now coming back to Tel Aviv. Israwinexpo, along with Sommelier, are the two top wine events in Israel. Open to the public only on February 10-11, 2010 from 16:00-22:00 (4PM-10PM), the Israeli wine tasting will […]

Hugh Johnson’s Wine Companion Features Israeli Wine

Stephen Brook, who visited Israel for IsraWinExpo 2008, has written an update to Hugh Johnson’s Wine Companion. The Wine Companion is one of the classic books, which is in the library of every wine lover. Over the years Stephen Brook has been a prolific author and his most famous book is his work on Bordeaux. […]

10 Up-and-Coming Wine Producers in Israel

According to Daniel Rogov and his 2009 Guide to Israeli Wine, here are the Top Ten Up-and-Coming producers of wine in Israel: Pelter Tabor Assaf Odem Mountain Vitkin Savion Psagot Tulip Avidan Kadita

Hugh Johnson’s 2010 Wine Book Features Israeli Wine

This article about Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book first appeared on Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2010 is published already, even though it is only late August 2009. However early or not, it represents good news for Israel! No less than twenty six Israeli wineries have made this prestigious guide book, which is similar […]

Vitkin Winery: Tasting notes from Daniel Rogov

(For the thread, go to Daniel Rogov’s wine forum) Daniel Rogov recently visited the Israeli boutique winery of Vitkin. Here are his thoughts and tasting notes for the recent and soon-to-be releases of this Israeli winery. Established by Doron and Sharona Belogolovsky on Moshav Kfar Vitkin on the central Coastal Plain, this winery released its […]

Mark Spivak tours the Israeli wine route

Mark Spivak, a wine reviewer who has written for the Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Media Group, and other Florida and national magazines, and is the host of a wine show on NPR, recently visited Israel. After not visiting Israel for over 15 years, Spivak was in for a shock.  His past experience: To […]

SF Chronicle: Israel’s wine industry reveals it’s California roots

Interesting article about Israeli wine, especially Flam – whose father was the first Israeli to study at the University of California Davis’s winemaking program and was the winemaker at Carmel for decades. In honor of the Jewish Vinter’s event in California last weekend, several Israeli winemakers were there including Golan Flam (of Flam), Assaf Paz […]

Rogov on Vitkin

In Daniel Rogov’s latest column in Ha’aretz, he tastes the interesting wine from Vitkin. This is a taste of Rogov’s thoughts: Assaf Paz, the winemaker at Vitkin Winery, is doing some pretty strange things. The winery, a family affair producing about 40,000 bottles annually, has refused so far to fit into the standard mold. Instead […]