Below is a table of just some of the more well-known wineries in Israel, although some wineries have not been included in this list.

Winery Name Location Year Founded or Year of First Vintage Certified Kosher? Other Notes
Agur Moshav Agur, Judean Plains 2000 Since 2007 vintage
Alexander Moshav Beit Yitzchak, Sharon 1996 No
Amphorae Mount Carmel 2000 No Released as Marvah in the United States
Assaf Kidmat Tzvi, Golan Heights 2004 No Bottled under the Lili label for export
Avidan Kibbutz Eyal, Sharon 2000 No
Barkan Kibbutz Hulda 1990 Yes Second largest winery in Israel, with production of 7.5-9 million bottles
Bashan Golan Heights 2004 Yes Organic
Bazelet HaGolan Golan Heights 1998 Since 2004 vintage
Benhaim Moshav Kfar Azar 1997 Since 2001 vintage
Binyamina Binyamina, near Mt. Carmel 1952, renamed in 1994 Yes Fourth-largest winery in Israel
Bustan Moshav Sharai Tikva, near Tel Aviv 1994 Since 1999 vintage
Carmel Zichron Ya’akov, Rishon L’tzion, Ramat Daltan 1882 Yes Largest winery in Israel.
Domaine du Castel Moshav Ramat Raziel in Jerusalem Mountains 1992 Since 2003 vintage
The Cave Near Mt. Carmel 1997 Yes Boutique arm of Binyamina
Chateau Golan Moshav Eliad, Golan Heights 2000 No
Chillag Yahud 1998 Produces a line of kosher wine under the label “Orna” for export
Clos de Gat Kibbutz Har’el, Jerusalem Mountains 2001 No
Dalton Upper Galilee 1993 Yes
Ella Valley Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed Hey, Jerusalem Mountains 1997 Yes
Flam Near Beit Shemesh 1998 No
Galil Mountain Kibbutz Yiron, Upper Galilee 2000 Yes Joint venture between Kibbutz Yiron and the Golan Heights Winery
Golan Heights Winery Katzrin, Golan Heights 1984 Yes
Gush Etzion Gush Etzion Junction 1998 Yes
Gustavo & Jo Kfar Vradim, Western Galilee 1995 Starting with 2006 vintage
Gvaot Shilo, West Bank 2005 Yes
Hamasrek Moshav Beit Meir, Jerusalem Mountains 1999 Yes
Hevron Heights Kiryat Arba, West Bank 2001 Yes
Kadesh Barnea Negev 1999 Since 2002 vintage
Karmei Yosef Karmei Yosef, Judean Mountains 2001 Since 2007 vintage Also labeled as “Bravdo”
Katlav Moshav Nes Harim, Judean Mountains 2000 Yes
Margalit Hadera 1989 No
Meishar Moshav Meishar 1991 No
Mony Jerusalem Mountains Since 2005
Nachshon Kibbutz Nachshon, Jerusalem Hills 1996 No
Odem Mountain Moshav Odem, Golan Heights 2003 Since 2007 vintage
Pelter Kibbutz Ein Zivan, Golan Heights 2002 No
Psagot Jerusalem Mountains 1998 Yes
Ramim Moshav Shachar 1999 Since 2003 vintage
Recanati Hefer Valley, Sharon 2000 Yes
Saslove Kibbutz Eyal, Sharon 1998 No
Sea Horse Moshav Bar Giora, Jerusalem Mountains 2000 No
Segal Kibbutz Hulda 1950 Yes Owned by Barkan since 2001
Somek Rishon Letzion 2003 No
Tabor Kfar Tabor, Lower Galilee 1999 Yes
Teperberg 1870 Kibbutz Tzora, Jerusalem Mountain 1870 Yes Previously known as Efrat until recently, significantly improved starting in 2002
Tishbi Zichron Ya’akov 1985 Yes
Tulip Kiryat Tivon, near Haifa No
Tzora Kibbutz Tzora 1993 Since 2002 vintage
Tzuba Kibbutz Tzuba 2005 Yes
Vitkin Kfar Vitkin 2002 No
Yaffo Ramat Hachayal, near Tel Aviv 1998 No
Yatir Tel Arad, Negev 2001 Yes Owned by Carmel
Zemora Moshav Beit Zayin, Jerusalem Hills 2000 Starting with 2004 vintage
Zion Mishor Adumim 1848 Yes Started to release dry table wines in 2004

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